Igreja de São Marcos - Braga

Igreja de São Marcos - Braga


The current hospital and church of São Marcos (St. Mark) date back to the 18th century. They were built according to a Carlos Amarante design, after whom the square is named.
Baroque in style, the verticality of the Church with its two towers clearly contrasts with the horizontal, symmetrical shape of the adjoining hospitals to create an overall harmonious impression.

In terms of design, on the exterior, there are the life-size statues of the apostles defining the upper bulwark. In the middle of the church façade, there is a niche containing a statue of Saint Mark. On the same site, there was a church and hospital that Diogo de Sousa had built in the 16th century. The hospital was for providing succour to the poor, pilgrims and travellers staying over in the city of Braga.

Diogo de Sousa is buried in the main chapel of the church in a white jade tomb worked in a mosaic fashion.

Largo Carlos Amarante
4700-308 Braga

Accessible route to the entrance:
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Accessible entrance:
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