Aljube Museum - Resistance and Freedom (Museu do Aljube – Resistência e Liberdad (...)

Aljube Museum - Resistance and Freedom (Museu do Aljube – Resistência e Liberdade)

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The Aljube Museum - Resistance and Freedom is a museum housed in the former Aljube Prison, in the Alfama area of Lisbon. Opened on 25 April 2015, on the 41st anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, it is a municipal facility dedicated to the history and memory of the fight against dictatorship and the resistance for freedom and democracy.

It is a historical museum that aims to fill excusatory silences of the regime that ruled Portugal between 1926 and 1974; the permanent exhibition presents visitors with a general characterization of the period, the means of oppression of the population of the time, the means of response of the oppositions and also aspects of the anti-colonial struggle that led to the military coup.

The building has a shop and temporary exhibitions on the ground floor, which also take place on the 4th floor, where the auditorium is located and where there is a panoramic view over the city and the Tagus River. From the 1st to the 3rd floor, the permanent exhibition is organized in different themes, such as clandestine movements, authorities, prisons and colonialism; on the last floor of the exhibition are "Os que Ficaram pelo Caminho" (“Those who fell by the wayside”), victims who never got to see the end of the dictatorship in Portugal.

There is also a documentation centre in the building, which collects, processes and makes available material and immaterial documents within the scope of the museum and its theme, as well as a library open to the public.


Rua de Augusto Rosa, 42
1100-059 Lisboa
+351 215 818 535

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