Castelo de Braga

Castelo de Braga


The Keep (Braga Castle)
Set off by the Praça do Castelo and the Praça da República, the Keep is all that remains of Braga castle. This thirty-metre high granite structure gives an idea of the five towers that guarded over the medieval walls.

At the beginning of the 14th century, king Dinis ordered the reconstruction and strengthening of national defences. The work completed in Braga is highlighted by the royal coat of arms that is still to be seen on the north-eastern façade. However, in the case of Braga, construction was only completed in 1373 by king Fernando.

The medieval walls had five towers and eight gateways still remaining of which are the Tower of Porta Nova, the Gateway and Tower of Santiago and the Tower of São Sebastião. The castle itself was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century after having served as the prison.

Far removed from its original military purpose, the keep is now in the care of the Association for the Protection, Study and Promotion of Cultural Heritage.


Rua do Castelo

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