Save Water

Embark on a journey of discovery and sustainability in the Algarve.

Soak up the sun, enjoy the best swims in the sea, and as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscapes and Algarve culture, consider the importance of conserving water during your stay. Choose to use water efficiently in the territory you are visiting. Every little gesture counts!

Water is one of the planet's primary resources, and its conscious use presents a challenge for each and every one of us. In Portugal, we are committed to minimizing climate change by preserving this resource. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy the destination differently, with a heightened awareness of nature protection and a balanced approach to natural resource usage. Join us in preserving this essential resource for life.

Did you know…?
A conscious and responsible tourist can save up to 235 liters of water daily during their stay by choosing to consume below-average amounts? Get involved, support local communities, minimize your environmental footprint... make a difference for a better planet. Save water. Protect the future.

To ensure that your visit has a positive impact, we suggest adopting small habits to save water while travelling.

Save water

We often use more water than necessary without realizing it. Opt for shorter showers or turn off the water while soaping.

Choose efficient accommodations

Choose accommodation units that implement water-saving technologies, such as using low-flow faucets and recycling systems.

Reuse towels

Let your accommodation know if you'd like to reuse towels to save water. It’s a well-known practice, but it never hurts to reinforce it.

Respect water sources

In the territories, avoid wasting water in leisure activities and use it responsibly in swimming pools and spas.

Stay informed

Learn more about the importance of water in the region and how you can contribute to conservation efforts during your stay in Portugal.

Reduce plastic use

Support local initiatives to reduce plastic waste and contribute to global water conservation efforts.

Adopt these simple habits, contribute to the sustainability of tourism in Portugal, and make a difference in preserving natural beauty for future generations.

For a Better Planet, Better Tourism. This is not Tourism. This is Futourism.

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