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  1. Casa d' Avó Marcelina
Place: Jolda
Photo: Casa d' Avó Marcelina
    Tourism in the Country
    Casa d' Avó Marcelina

    Telephone: +351 96 686 20 95
    E-mail: casadavomarcelina@gmail.com

  2. Casa da Avó
Place: Sistelo
Photo: Casa da Avó
    Tourism in the Country
    Casa da Avó
    These comfortable houses recently rebuilt maintaining the original architecture, are located in the North of Portugal (Minho), on the left bank of the River Vez, one of the sides of the Peneda Geres National Park.Grandma House:- Large dining/sitting (...)

    Telephone: +351 965 713 278
    E-mail: casassistelo@sapo.pt
    Website: http://www.countryvillage.wix.com/northportugal

  3. Tourism in the Country
    Casa da Avó Rosa

    Telephone: +351 933 204 718
    E-mail: saberaoborralho.rosa@gmail.com

  4. Casa da Breia
    Tourism in the Country
    Casa da Breia

    Telephone: +351 258 751 751
    Fax: +351 258 751 751
    E-mail: casadabreia@oninetspeed.pt
    Website: http://www.casadabreia.com

  5. Tourism in the Country
    Casa das Oliveiras

    Telephone: +351 258 45 21 63
    E-mail: saude.farmacia@gmail.com

  6. Tourism in the Country
    Casa da Vinha Grande

    Telephone: +351 934 692 588
    E-mail: jklalves@hotmail.com

  7. Tourism in the Country
    Casa do Adro
    Casa do Adro is situaded in the picturesque village of Soajo, a rustic village suspended in time. This 18 th century house is well located for visiting the Peneda Gerês National Park, a beautiful region ideal for ramblers and those who appreciate a (...)

    Telephone: +351 258 576 327
    Fax: +351 258 576 327
    E-mail: casadoadroturismoruralavv@gmail.com

  8. Casa do Sequeiro
Place: Arcos de Valdevez
Photo: Casa do Sequeiro
    Tourism in the Country
    Casa do Sequeiro

    Telephone: +351 96 135 13 35
    E-mail: antonietathedim@gmail.com

  9. Casa João Fidalgo
    Tourism in the Country
    Casa João Fidalgo

    Telephone: +351 258 576 662
    Fax: +351 258 576 662
    E-mail: lagefidalgo@hotmail.com
    Website: http://www.aldeiasdeportugal.pt/PT/casa.php?casaid=3

  10. Tourism in the Country
    Casa nos Penedos

    Telephone: +351 92 646 13 59
    E-mail: geral@casanospenedos.com
    Website: http://www.casanospenedos.com/


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