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  1. Thermal Baths
    Caldas de Carlão
    Caldas do Carlão Spa is integrated in a beautiful scenery of tread-like vineyards, near Alijó and Murça. In Autumn, this landscape is covered by golden and copper tones, offering a rare and dazzling sight.These waters are supposed to have been used (...)

    TEL: +351 259 549 147
    FAX: +351 259 657 393
    MAIL: caldasdecarlao@caldasdecarlao.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.caldasdecarlao.com

  2. Thermal Baths
    Caldas de Vizela
    Caldas de Vizela provides three spa establishments, with multiple springs (approximately 50). Together they constitute the most extensive spa facilities in Portugal.On the banks of the river that gives it its name, close to the city of Guimarães, (...)

    TEL: +351 351 253 480 360
    FAX: +351 253 480 361
    MAIL: termas@termasdevizela.com
    WEBSITE: www.termasdevizela.com

  3. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Longroiva

    TEL: +351 279 849 230
    FAX: +351 279 849 235
    MAIL: geral@termasdelongroiva.com.pt
    WEBSITE: www.termasdelongroiva.com.pt

  4. Thalassotherapy
    Centro de Thalasso da Costa da Caparica
    20 km from Lisbon, the Thalasso Centre of Costa da Caparica has reinvigorating programmes adapted to the particular needs of whoever the client. Any visit begins with one of the Centre's qualified specialists for evaluation and the diagnosis of a (...)

    TEL: +351 212 905 655
    FAX: +351 212 912 657
    MAIL: geral@thalassocaparica.com
    WEBSITE: http://www.thalassocaparica.com

  5. Termas de Chaves
    Thermal Baths
    Termas de Chaves
    The Aquae Flavie of Roman times, Chaves is located in the heart of the Trás-os-Montes mountain range. It is one of the most important Portuguese spas, as its waters are the hottest in Europe.The exceptional quality of its springs, which include the (...)

    TEL: +351 276 332 445 / 6
    FAX: +351 276 332 447
    MAIL: geral@termasdechaves.com
    WEBSITE: www.termasdechaves.com

  6. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Entre-os-Rios
    In the heart of a park with centenarian trees we can find Entre-os-Rios Spa, a privileged spot where nature appears in all its splendour and magnificence.

    TEL: +351 255 616 059
    FAX: +351 255 615 170
    MAIL: inatel.erios@inatel.pt
    WEBSITE: http://www.inatel.pt

  7. Thermal Baths
    Caldas Santas de Carvalhelhos
    The magestic and imponent region of Barroso, in Trás-os-Montes, is the set of Águas Santas de Carvalhelhos springs, which waters are known since the romanization period.Apart from the magnificent show of nature in all its strength and plenitude, a (...)

    TEL: +351 276 410 300
    FAX: +351 276 410 301
    MAIL: carvalhelhos@mail.telepac.pt
    WEBSITE: www.carvalhelhos.pt

  8. Thermal Baths
    Termas de Vidago
    A prestigious spa Vidago was the favourite watering place of the Portuguese court in the 19th century and, as such, was considered the "queen of the spas". The grand and elegant spa hotel, the Palace do Vidago, is located in the middle of a leafy (...)

    TEL: +351 276 990 970
    FAX: +351 276 100 297
    MAIL: spareservations@vidagopalace.com
    WEBSITE: www.vidagopalace.com

  9. Termas das Furnas
    Thermal Baths
    Termas das Furnas

    TEL: +351 296 549 000
    FAX: +351 296 549 001
    MAIL: reservas@furnasspahotel.com
    WEBSITE: www.furnasspahotel.com

  10. Termas de Monção
    Thermal Baths
    Termas de Monção
    Situated close to the border with Galicia, at the northernmost edge of the Minho region, in the midst of a leafy park by the side of the Minho river, Monção is a spa that exudes peace, quiet and freedom.The spa is located 700 metres from the actual (...)

    TEL: +351 251 648 367
    FAX: +351 251 648 367
    MAIL: tesalmoncao@tesal.com
    WEBSITE: www.tesal.com


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