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  1. Zona Balnear da Barreirinha
    Zona Balnear da Barreirinha

  2. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Baía do Refugo
    Forming a natural swimming-pool and offering direct access to the sea, Baía do Refugo is a pleasant bathing area equipped with the necessary support facilities and a special sports area.

  3. Zona Balnear da Calheta
    Zona Balnear da Calheta
    Calheta is one of the few sandy bathing areas in Madeira, although the sand was actually imported from other regions to create this artificial beach. The bathing area has warm clean water, a cement solarium with an area of roughly 7,300 square (...)

  4. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Lagoa

  5. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Maia
    Located on the south-west coast of the island of Santa Maria, the Maia bathing area is set against a landscape of vineyards climbing up the hillside and protected by the dry stone walls of the army barracks. The bathing area consists of a natural (...)

  6. Zona Balnear da Ponta Gorda - Poças do Governador
    Zona Balnear da Ponta Gorda - Poças do Governador

  7. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Preguiça

  8. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Ribeira Brava

  9. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Ribeira do Faial

  10. Beaches
    Zona Balnear da Salga


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