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Get to know Portugal by the hands of artists who have been inspired by tradition and know-how to work in an innovative way with materials that have always been used.

Portuguese handicraft is an immense, colourful tapestry that includes people, artisans, family traditions and ancestral knowledge, marks of identity woven at fingertips that reinforce social cohesion and contribute to the regional sustainability and economic development.

Vanessa Barragão ©Pedro Sadio/Portugal Manual - Curated Cultural Experiences

From weaving to fashion, wood carving to ceramics, furniture to jewellery - these and other activities are changing. It is with identity, personality and passion that many artisans have been reclaiming traditional materials to create contemporary pieces, developing small-scale production using innovative technologies and promoting sustainable consumption.

It is in this time that many recognise as being fully digital that the Curated Cultural Experiences project aims to show who are the new artisans that recover local crafts and raw materials to create personalised and unique pieces, from the north to the south of the country and on the islands of Madeira and the Azores.

For more information visit https://curatedexperiencesportugal.com.

Iva Viana ©Pedro Sadio/Portugal Manual - Curated Cultural Experiences


The Curated Cultural Experiences are an initiative of "Portugal Manual" with the support of Visitportugal.

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