Porto and the North

Place: Porto
Photo: Porto
Place: Porto
Photo: Porto
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Museu do Côa
Place: Vila Nova de Foz Côa
Photo: João Silva
Lands of Foz Côa

Foz Côa became known for the rock engravings of the Côa Valley which, although 25,000 years old, were revealed to the world when they became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.But the lands of Foz Côa have many reasons to attrac

Photo: Associação Turismo de Lisboa
Lisbon and Porto: 2 cities, 2 rivers

Do you have a few days to spare and would like to discover a bit of Portugal? Why not start with the country's two main cities, just a short flight from some of Europe's major capitals?

Mapa de Braga - Itinerário Turístico Acessível
Photo: ICVM / Turismo de Portugal
Braga - Accessible Tour

In the city founded by the Roman emperor Augustus more than two thousand years ago it is possible to follow an accessible itinerary in safety and comfort.


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