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  1. Archaeology
    Antela da Cruz Vermelha
    Located in the Corno Bico Protected Area, the Antela da Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross Dolmen) has been dated to around 2,500 BC. Circular in form, the Dolmen is made up of a large boulder with a headstone with an engraved cross, painted in red. Part of a (...)

  2. Igreja da Sé - Bragança
Place: Bragança
Photo: Câmara Municipal de Bragança
    Antiga Sé de Bragança
    The Cathedral was built in the 16th century on the wishes of the local authorities supported by duke Teodósio. It is known that Pêro de la Faia and Fernão Pires were the master craftsman in charge. It was due to be a Convent for the Order of Saint (...)

    Telephone: +351 273 329 182
    E-mail: diocesebragancamiranda@gmail.com
    Website: http://diocesebm.pt

  3. Monuments
    Antigo Convento da Ordem de Avis
    The convent, with its church, sacristy, chapter room, dining hall, cloisters and bell tower, was purpose built to be headquarters of the Order of Avis back in the 12th century. The entranceway to the church is though a majestic marble door that has (...)

  4. Paços do Concelho - Viana do Castelo
Place: Viana do Castelo
Photo: João Paulo
    Antigos Paços do Concelho - Viana do Castelo
    The construction of the former town hall spread over the reigns of D. Manuel I (who began the work) and D. João III.The whole building is made of austere granite and the ground floor forms a porchway of three pointed arches, corresponding on the (...)

  5. Monuments
    Near the hamlet of Casais de Azoia stands an octagonal water tower, with a panel of blue and white azulejos (tiles) above the doorway, depicting Our Lady of the Cape.An aqueduct 2 km long brings water to the area at times of pilgrimage.

  6. Monuments
    Aqueduto "Da Gargantada"
    Dating from the eighteenth century, it is part of a complex belonging to the Aqueduto das Aguas Livres, carrying water to the Queluz Palace.

  7. Aqueduto da Amoreira
    Aqueduto da Amoreira - Elvas
    Amoreira AqueductDating from 1498, building of the Aqueduct was initially overseen by Francisco de Arruda, an architect who worked on the Tower of Belém in Lisbon. The works were subsequently continued by Afonso Álvares, Diogo Marques and Pero Vaz (...)

  8. Monuments
    Aqueduto da Prata
    The aqueduct of ÉVora is a renaissance construction, measuring a total of 18 km. The most imposing part with square turrets and cupolas at intervals, lies between Sao Bento and the city. Designed by Francisco de Arruda in the sixteenth century. It (...)

  9. Aqueduto das Águas Livres
Place: Lisboa
Photo: José Manuel
    Aqueduto das Águas Livres
    The Aqueduto das Águas Livres is an important engineering work from the 18th century, built to supply water to the city of Lisbon and its surrounding areas.Its most impressive section is the one that crosses over the valley of Alcântara, but, all (...)

    Telephone: 218 100 215
    Website: http://museudaagua.epal.pt

  10. Monuments
    Aqueduto de São Sebastião
    Aqueduct of São SebastiãoThe Aqueduct of São Sebastião in Coimbra is a reconstruction, produced during the reign of D. Sebastião, from 1570 onwards. It is also known as the "Arches of the Garden".In accordance with the project attributed to the (...)


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