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  1. Bars and Discotheques

    Telephone: 213 645 097
    E-mail: reservas@vinyl.pt
    Website: http://vinyl.pt/index.php?file=contacts

  2. Vinyl M Hotel
Place: Mealhada
    Hotel accommodation
    Vinyl M Hotel
    Favouring privacy, discretion and comfort of its guests, the Vinyl M Hotel is open 24h a day and is the newest resort in the region of Aveiro. It is possible to check-in and check-out without having to get out of the vehicle and all rooms have (...)

    Telephone: +351 231 209 200
    Fax: +351 231 209 209
    E-mail: geral@vinylmhotel.com
    Website: http://www.vinylmhotel.com

  3. Vipdrive
Place: Lisboa
Photo: Vipdrive
    Travel Agencies
    The Company VIPDRIVE  has a service personalized support every tourist, mainly in the areas of transport | incomming | transfers whatever the circumstances, including a one-time service as the way to an event, be it a permanent service as a 24H (...)

    Telephone: +351 214 054 100
    E-mail: info@vipdrive.pt
    Website: http://www.vipdrive.pt

  4. Hotel accommodation
    VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & SPA
    With an excellent location between the historical centre and the main business district of Lisbon, the VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa is a modern stylish hotel where you will find all facilities in a sophisticated atmosphere. At the VIP Grand Lisboa (...)

    Telephone: +351 21 043 50 00
    Fax: +351 21 043 50 01
    E-mail: hotelviplisboa@viphotels.com
    Website: http://www.viphotels.com

  5. Bars and Discotheques
    Vip Lounge

    Telephone: +351 226 086 600
    Fax: +351 226 091 467
    E-mail: geral@portopalaciohotel.pt
    Website: http://hotelportopalacio.com/conferencias.html
    http://hotelportopalacio.com/Vip Lounge

  6. Virgílio
    Restaurants and Cafés

    Telephone: +351 291 842 467

  7. Restaurants and Cafés
    Virgílio dos Leitões

    Telephone: +351 231 512 960
    Fax: +351 256 947 213
    E-mail: virgiliodosleitoes@gmail.com

  8. Viriatours
Place: Viseu
Photo: Viriatours
    Tours and Other Tourism Services

    Telephone: +351 965 699 227
    E-mail: ruilopes@viriatours.pt
    Website: https://www.viriatours.pt

  9. Bars and Discotheques

  10. News
    Virtual Visits to Portuguese Heritage in Google
    Anyone wanting to discover and have more information about the main monuments in Portugal before arriving in the country can now do so virtually, at home and before their journey, at the Google Cultural Institute.The virtual visits display the (...)


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