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    The Cistercian Order in the Alto Minho
    In the green and pleasant land of the Alto Minho, located nearby the great rivers that flow from East to West, in unforgettable settings, we can discover four important nuclei of Cistercian monasteries – in locations that, from the 11th century (...)

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    The Cistercian Order to the south of the river Douro
    Beginning its trajectory in Spain, the river Douro crosses Portugal from east to west, flowing into the Atlantic, next to the city of Oporto. Until construction of the railway in the 19th century, the river served as the region's main access route, (...)

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    The cloister of the Sé Cathedral, Viseu
    Composed by two galleries, the lower gallery dates from the Renaissance period and the upper gallery was added in the first half of the 18th century.The Renaissance Gallery is very elegant with fine proportions, including the delicate work of the (...)

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    The conquest of Lisbon
    Prior to entering the Church of the Martyrs, look over at the profile of the St George castle that stamps the horizon at the bottom of Rua Garrett, beyond the Chiado Shopping Centre. That is the very same perspective had by participants in the (...)

  5. Photo: Turismo da Madeira
    The Crib
    According to the gospels, the crib represents the stable where Jesus was born, a place that is still worshipped in Bethlehem today, at the Basilica of the Nativity.Based on the interpretation of the Old Testament by the apocryphal gospels, the (...)

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    The Cultural Landscape of Sintra
    In 1995, Sintra gained the UNESCO Cultural Landscape classification. The town and the northern slope of the Serra de Sintra with its wonderful natural characteristics and impressive historic landmarks were thus accepted as worthy of world heritage (...)

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    The Douro Line
    The 203-kilometre Douro railway line runs from Oporto to Barca d´Alva and was opened in 1887. The engineering difficulties in overcoming the natural features of the valley resulted in a grand total of 26 tunnels and 30 bridges. The result is an (...)

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    The heart of Lisbon - From the Praça do Comércio to the Praça do Rossio
    This route takes you through the Pombaline downtown, the zone of Lisbon that was reborn in the 18th century after the devastating earthquake of 1755. It was rebuilt according to an original layout as can be easily observed. Begin in the Praça do (...)

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    The Legend of the Cockerel of Barcelos
    The medieval stone cross that can be seen in the Archeological Museum of the town is related to the legend of the Cockerel of BarcelosAccording to the legend, the inhabitants of Barcelos were very disturbed by a crime who’s author had not been (...)

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    The legend of the Holy Miracle
    It is said that during the year of 1266 a poor woman living in Santarém, who had fallen victim to her husband´s infidelity, resorted to the services of a witch to see if she could put an end to her suffering. As a cure for her unhappiness, she was (...)


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