Reserva Natural do Paul do Boquilobo

Reserva Natural do Paul do Boquilobo
Reserva Natural do Paul do Boquilobo

Protected Areas

Located around 6 kms from Golegã, Paul do Boquilobo is an alluvial plain of marshland and humid zones, where the local life depends upon the volume of the current of the River Tejo and River Almonda that flow around its borders.

the landscape is marked by a huge network of canals, covered by aquatic plants and the willows growing on the banks, where white herons (symbol of the Park) make their nests. This is the largest colony of herons in the Iberian peninsular, who visit the protected area from February/March in order to nidify and remain here until the summer. Impressive for its silence and tranquillity, Paul de Boquilobo is an excellent spot in order to observe various migratory birds that pass through the zone during various seasons of the year.

But we don't only find herons here. There is a total of around 200 bird species, most of which are aquatic species, that find shelter in the Paul do Boquilobo zone, that has been justly declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

There is no resident human population within the area of the Nature Reserve, but the surrounding region benefits from the reserve’s humidity and fertile terrain and offers excellent conditions for agriculture and raising livestock. One often finds herds of horses in the protected area that run free in the green fields or are simply passing through.

In order to visit the site, we suggest that you make prior contact with the head office of the Nature Reserve, given that access to certain locations may be restricted during nidification seasons. Guided visits are organised and pedestrian trails may be indicated for those who wish to visit the zone by themselves.

Quinta do Paul, Apartado 27, Brogueira - 2350-334 TORRES NOVAS
Tel.: +351 249 820 550 - Fax: +351 249 820 378
E-mail: rnpb@icnf.pt

Signposted routes
Park area
: 530 ha.
: Máx - 22m; min - 16m

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