Observatório Oficial Dark Sky Alqueva

Observatório Dark Sky Alqueva 
Place: Cumeada
Photo: Miguel Claro - Dark Sky® Alqueva
Observatório Oficial Dark Sky Alqueva

Science and Knowledge

At the headquarters of the world's first Dark Sky® territory, you can observe the sky and the celestial phenomena that certified the Alqueva region.

The Official Dark Sky® Observatory is located at the headquarters of Dark Sky® Alqueva, in the village of Cumeada, near Monsaraz. The building is a former primary school completely refurbished specifically for this purpose.

The Observatory is equipped with state-of-the-art telescopes, which allow for Night Observation. The programmes begin with a visit to the existing astrophotography exhibition in the building, followed by the observation of the sky, both with the naked eye and using existing material.

There are also Solar Observation programmes, using equipment specifically developed for this purpose that allows direct observation of the star in a safe manner. Both programmes are dependent on weather conditions, with alternatives being offered if the expected observation is not possible.

In addition to the Observatory, headquarters and astrophotography exhibition, the building also houses a growing mini-museum. To make the sky observation experience more complete, it is worth mentioning that Dark Sky® works in partnership with service companies, allowing visitors to discover the range of activities and heritage on offer in the region.


Rua da Nossa Sra. da Conceição
Cumeada, Reguengos de Monsaraz
+351 913 103 540

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