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  1. Casa Velha do Palheiro
Place: Funchal
    Farms in Madeira

    Telephone: +351 291 790 350
    Fax: +351 291 794 925
    E-mail: casa.velha@palheiroestate.com
    Website: http://www.casa-velha.com

  2. .Come
    Restaurants and Cafés

    Telephone: +351 21 460 20 23

  3. "BARRO, Terra Molhada Onde a Bota Escorrega"
    "BARRO, Terra Molhada Onde a Bota Escorrega"
    "By water, by fire, by time, by hands. These are bodies that shape and are shaped. That question their existence, their state, their relationship with others - themselves. The solitude of the eternity of stones set in the earth. The feast of (...)

    Telephone: +351 256 827 783
    E-mail: casadacriatividade@cm-sjm.pt |
    Website: https://www.casadacriatividade.com/programacao?pgid=jftny226 (...)

  4. "Corvo: People and Landscape" Photo Exhibition
    "Corvo: People and Landscape" Photo Exhibition
    This exhibition is being presented by the Ecomuseum of Corvo as part of the "People of Corvo and their Contribution to the Community and the World" activity, developed with the aim of publicising the activities of people from Corvo who excel in a (...)

    Telephone: +351 292 596 063
    E-mail: ecomuseu.corvo.info@azores.gov.pt
    Website: https://ecomuseu-corvo.cultura.azores.gov.pt/evento/exposica (...)

  5. "Endogenies" Exhibition brings the Cerveira Biennale to Valongo
    "Endogenies" Exhibition brings the Cerveira Biennale to Valongo
    In a partnership between the Municipality of Valongo, the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira and the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation, the Ermesinde Cultural Forum is hosting the "Endogenies" exhibition from 20 January to 28 April. This is a (...)

    Telephone: 224 227 900
    E-mail: gabmunicipe@cm-valongo.pt
    Website: https://www.cm-valongo.pt/descobrir/eventos/evento/exposicao (...)

  6. Explora Lisboa
Place: Lisboa
Photo: Explora Lisboa
    "Explora Lisboa"
    Explore the coast of Lisbon and enjoy the nautical activities that we have selected for you!

    Telephone: +351 960 349 201
    E-mail: info@supxperiencestore.com
    Website: http://www.exploralisboa.com

  7. "Fire Project Exhibition" by Miguel Mosquera
    "Fire Project Exhibition" by Miguel Mosquera
    The headquarters of the Ecomuseu de Barroso, in Montalegre, will be hosting the "Fire Project Exhibition" by Miguel Mosquera. This exhibition, in addition to its artistic character, aims to raise awareness and social involvement on the subject. It (...)

    Telephone: (+351) 276 510 200
    E-mail: municipio@cm-montalegre.pt
    Website: https://www.cm-montalegre.pt/pages/796?event_id=2587

  8. "Fortunately There's Moonlight!" | Opera
    "Fortunately There's Moonlight!" | Opera
    Felizmente Há Luar!, by Luís de Sttau Monteiro, is a fundamental play of 20th century Portuguese theater, which portrays the resistance against the Estado Novo dictatorship and cultural censorship. Inspired by Gomes Freire de Andrade's conspiracy (...)

    Telephone: +351 213 257 640
    E-mail: info@teatrosaoluiz.pt
    Website: https://www.teatrosaoluiz.pt/espetaculo/felizmente-ha-luar/

  9. "History of Portugal in Cartoon: Augusto Cid"
    "History of Portugal in Cartoon: Augusto Cid"
    This exhibition presents the work of the talented and controversial Augusto Cid, whose archive was deposited in the Cascais Municipal Historical Archive in 2019, with a view to its preservation and public enjoyment. With the revolution of April 25, (...)

    Telephone: 21 481 5759
    Website: https://www.cascais.pt/noticia/exposicao-historias-de-portug (...)

  10. "Keeping the memory of Freedom Day" | Exhibition
    "Keeping the memory of Freedom Day" | Exhibition
    If there is one country where freedom and democracy have 'exploded' in its iconography, it is Portugal, after April 25, 1974. On the walls, in the streets, in the houses, on the floor, at the table, on the lapels of jackets, over overalls, on the (...)

    Telephone: +351 21 273 93 60
    E-mail: geral@ctalmada.pt
    Website: https://ctalmada.pt/manter-a-memoria-do-dia-da-liberdade/


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