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    The Lis Paper Mill
    Located by the Caniços Bridge over the River Lis, there is the Paper Mill. Built in 1411, according to a nearby stone carved during the reign of king João I, this was the first paper producing facility in Portugal. It bears reference to the Jewish (...)

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    The Mariano Cult in Portugal
    According to some experts, the veneration of Mary represents the spontaneous transformation of the religious worship of Mother Earth. Remnants of this tradition became Our Lady of Rocha, of Penha, of Fraga or of Lapa. It was the Conciliate of (...)

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    The Marian Sanctuary Way
    Close to Braga there are three major Portuguese sanctuaries dedicated to Mary, Mother of God.2.5 kilometres to the east of the city, there is the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte (Good Jesus of the Mount). This Baroque construction is surrounded by (...)

  4. Jardins Temáticos
    Thematic Gardens
    Water GardensBetween the Alameda dos Oceanos and the Tagus River, learn about the water flow.Along the central water flow the visitor will wander in between the various components of an hydrographic bay: the glacier, the current, the artificial lake (...)

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    The Pombaline downtown
    On the 1st November 1755 a violent earthquake, followed by equally devastating fires, destroyed the centre of Lisbon. The Royal Palace, the House of India, aristocratic palaces, the Opera House that was still under construction, art and royal (...)

  6. A Baixa do Porto
    The Porto Baixa
    The Porto Baixa (Downtown) is laid out around the Avenida dos Aliados (Avenue of the Allies), the city´s focal point. At the top of this thoroughfare, there is the imposing Municipal Council building. At the other end, it opens onto the Praça da (...)

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    The Portuguese Discoveries
    In the reign of King João I (1385-1433)1415 - Conquest of Ceuta1418 - João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz discover the island of Porto Santo1419 - João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz discover Madeira1427 - Diogo de Silves discovers the Azores In (...)

  8. Barco Rabelo
    The Rabelo Boat
    Various references to this boat prove its origins lie way back in the 10th century.The rabelos were purpose designed for the river Douro and its complex navigational challenges as well as for the transport of casks of wine. Its characteristics (...)

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    The religious and military order of Avis
    The origin of the Order of the Knights of S. Bento de Avis dates back to the Christian Reconquest, in the middle of the 12th century. Based in Évora, initially under the name of the Friars of Évora, after the city was conquered from the Moors. (...)

  10. The Roman Temple and the Cathedral of Évora
Photo: João Paulo
    The Roman Temple and the Cathedral
    The starting point on this itinerary is by Roman temple. Dating back to the second century, this is the jewel in Evora´s glittering crown. Many of the elegant columns remain intact rising up to finely decorated Corinthian points.To the north of the (...)


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