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  1. Centro de Portugal - Don't Missi It! 
Photo: Turismo Centro de Portugal
    Center of Portugal - Don't Miss it!
    For more information and to download other brochures about the Center of Portugal region, please see www.centerofportugal.com/press-and-media.

  2. Video Centro de Portugal
    Centro de Portugal

  3. Escolha Portugal
    Choose Portugal
    Portugal is a destination increasingly sought after by travellers from all over the world. In this document you will find a great diversity of tourist information organized by region. To view the brochure Choose Portugal, select your language from (...)

  4. Mapa Coimbra - acessível
    Coimbra - Accessible Itinerary Map

  5. Devoção e Festas Religiosas / Devotion and Religious Festivities
Place: Portugal
Photo: Turismo de Portugal
    Devotion and Religious Festivities
    “Devotion and Religious Festivities” explores Fátima, revered as a holy place of religious devotion and pilgrimage, along with other points of spiritual significance.

  6. Descubra a Madeira
Photo: Turismo da Madeira
    Discover Madeira Islands

  7. Portugal, Campo e Mar
Photo: TURIHAB - Associação de Turismo de Habitação
    Discover the countryside of Portugal
    Welcome to Portugal. Take a break in the Portuguese countryside. Discover in this video the variety of things to do and see, wherever you stay overnight.

  8. Mapa de Elvas - Itinerário turístico acessível
Photo: ICVM
    Elvas - Accessible Itinerary Map

  9. Mapa de Évora - Itinerário Turístico Acessível 
Photo: ICVM / Turismo de Portugal
    Évora - Accessible Itinerary Map

  10. Mapa Faro - acessível
    Faro - Accessible Itinerary Map


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