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  1. Ponte de Lima
    Towns and Villages
    Ponte de Lima
    The Roman bridge that gave its name to this very ancient and very beautiful town, which received its first charter in 1125 from D. Teresa, the mother of the first king of Portugal (a number of years before the foundation of the kingdom).In the (...)

  2. Aljezur
    Towns and Villages
    The boundaries of Aljezur are delimited by the sea and the hills reflecting this double influence in its landscapes. While the coast is marked by high cliffs hiding sandy coves and dunes, the hinterland is a place of rolling hills covered with (...)

  3. Zambujeira do Mar
    Towns and Villages
    Zambujeira do Mar
    Affording an excellent view over the beach, Zambujeira do Mar is a small fishing village where it is still possible to enjoy a feeling of great peace and tranquillity.The beautiful beaches are one of the main attractions for the many visitors that (...)

  4. Peso da Régua
    Towns and Villages
    Peso da Régua
    It is thought that the town´s name originated from the name of a Roman house that once stood here - the "Villa Reguela". Its great development was, however, only to begin after 1756 with the creation of the Real Companhia Geral da Agricultura das (...)

  5. Serpa
    Towns and Villages
    Located on higher ground just a few kilometres from the left bank of the Guadiana, the great river that crosses southern Portugal, there is the town of Serpa. The site is known to have been settled since Roman times, around 2,000 years ago.With the (...)

  6. Towns and Villages
    An old fishing town, Sines has been gradually transformed by tourism and industry. Nowadays, it is a major port and oil-tanker terminal of great importance to the Portuguese economy.Overlooking the bay are the ruins of a mediaeval castle, which was (...)

  7. Campo Maior
    Towns and Villages
    Campo Maior
    Like so many other towns in the Alentejo, Campo Maior is a quiet and peaceful town in the south of Portugal, situated very close to the Spanish border. Tradition has it that its origin can be explained by the wilful determination of three peasant (...)

  8. Porto Santo
Place: Ilha de Porto Santo
    Towns and Villages
    Ilha de Porto Santo
    Getting to know Porto Santo means discovering the first port that provided access to the epic maritime adventure of the Portuguese discoverers.This was the first of all the islands discovered by the Portuguese navigators and it contains within its (...)

  9. Porto
    Towns and Villages
    Capital and gateway to the north of Portugal, Porto is both the city that provided a nation with a name and a fortified wine known world-wide: port.With its splendid geographical location on the mouth of the river Douro and an architectural heritage (...)

  10. Alijó
    Towns and Villages
    Located in the heart of the Douro demarcated region, its importance is closely linked to the production of wine, for many of the estates that produce the famous Port Wine are to be found in this municipality. The town´s first charter dates back to (...)


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