Núcleo Megalítico do Mezio

Núcleo Megalítico do Mezio


Mezio Megalithic Centre
This collection of pre-historic funeral spaces incorporates around a dozen monuments distributed across a mountain plateau. “Mamoa 3” - normally designated the "Mezio Dolmen" - is the best known example and still maintains vestiges of the burial mound (earth covering and small stones with which the funereal space was sealed) and a well-conserved cromlech.

Archaeological excavations in the site have made it possible to identify several examples of vandalism practised in these 5,000 years old monuments and identify several of the architectural and engineering assumptions underlying these engineering achievements erected by our ancestors. A significant number of items that accompanied their funereal practises have been recovered.

At the site, visitors may consult an information panel regarding the excavated monuments that will enable them to understand the overall primitive architectural complex.

Serra do Soajo Arcos de Valdevez

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