Slate in Naturtejo

Place: Rio Tejo
Photo: Turismo Centro de Portugal
Photo: Turismo Centro de Portugal

Nestled between fossil-covered rocks and mountains inhabited by vultures and black herons, Geopark Naturtejo’s slate villages are warm, hospitable places where you’re sure to want to linger.

In addition to the classified geosites and the rich, ecological variety, the Geopark Naturtejo da Meseta Meridional harbours settlements where mankind has wisely merged with nature, gently bending it to his needs. Martim Branco, situated between the slate and quartz cliffs is a prime example of this harmony. In this village, that only contains a few houses, the community ovens are genuine social gathering spaces, filled with the aromas of the latest delicacy – whether roasted kid, bread or cakes. The enticing smell is bound to whet your appetite.

Continue on to Sarzedas, a very ancient settlement that was once a town and municipal capital. Today, this humble village maintains its noble appearance, with elegant houses that are distinguished by their plasterwork facades with splashes of colour.

Here, the rural world is very much alive and well. And, although the region’s great wealth is its high-quality olive-oil, originating from the trees growing on the hillside terraces with their schist walls, there are also many other products from this fertile land that are highly important for the local economy.In the village of Figueira there’s always a vegetable patch next to each house, a cart with freshly picked hay, or a brood of hens strutting around, indifferent to all around them. You’ll also find opportunities for physical exercise. Parachuting in the Moitas Aerodrome School, horseriding in Sobreira Formosa, or diving in the Fróia riverside beach are just a few of our suggestions.

Located 10 km from the geodesic mark that indicates the centre of Portugal, Água Formosa is located outside the borders of Geopark Naturtejo, although it appears to form an integral part. Take a guided visit, following the sounds of the pure water that gave its name to the village and that gushes through the fountains and the Ribeira da Galega stream. Quench your thirst for relaxation, as you discover all the charms of the slate villages.

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