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Centro de Interpretação da Batalha dos Atoleiros

Centro de Interpretação da Batalha dos Atoleiros

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Atoleiros 1384 - The Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre is designed to introduce visitors to a multimedia reenactment of the historic battle fought on 6 April 1384, within walking distance of the village of Fronteira.

The Battle of Atoleiros was a decisive moment in the history and future of Portugal, in which Nuno Álvares Pereira beat the Castilian cavalry, despite their numerical superiority, through the use of a military tactic of English inspiration, the "tactic of the square".

This victory proved to be very significant, not only because the Portuguese suffered no dead or wounded, unlike the attackers who suffered heavy casualties, but also because it discredited the notion of Castilian invincibility, thus beginning the process of consolidation of the Portuguese nation.

With the goal of becoming a national cultural reference point with regard to the topic of mediaeval battles, the Battle of Atoleiros Interpretation Centre was created based on a new type of museum, providing visitors with the experience of a visit circuit with different visual perspectives of the battlefield, facilitating their grasp of the historical context of the opposing sides and the importance of its consequences for the future of Portugal.


Avenida Heróis dos Atoleiros
7460-101 Fronteira
+351 245 604 023

Tuesday - Saturday, from 10am until 5:30pm

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