Urban Sketchers - 6 days of surfing

Urban Sketchers - Suhita Shirodkar - Supertubos-Peniche
Place: Peniche
Photo: Suhita Shirodkar
Photo: Suhita Shirodkar

Surfing was the theme that inspired yet another Sketch Tour Portugal trip along the coast, taking advantage of the Rip Curl Pro event, one of the most important events in the international surfing calendar. Many beaches, different waves, fishing towns and villages were a great inspiration for Portuguese sketcher João Catarino and American Suhita Shirodkar.

They started in Carcavelos, one of the most iconic places in the history of surfing in Portugal, followed by Ericeira, Peniche, where the championship took place, and Nazaré, north of Lisbon. The carried on along the Alentejo coast, passing through Comporta, São Torpes, Vila Nova de Milfontes and Porto Covo. Finally, they returned to Lisbon, where there was still time to get to know the city.

To the challenges of the surfers, was added the challenge of the sketchers to be able to draw the sea and capture the adrenaline that lives within the surf. 

Forte de São Julião da Barra, Praia de Carcavelos
Suhita Shirodkar - Carcavelos

© Suhita Shirodkar

To the north of Lisbon, the route along the coast is one of the trips most appreciated by visitors to Portugal, with a mandatory stop in Ericeira, a fishing town that is also one of the main surf spots. This strip of coast, which includes 8 km of beaches and waves of every kind, was already considered the 1st surfing reserve in Europe and the 2nd in the world. 

João Catarino - Praia dos Coxos
Praia dos Coxos, Ericeira © João Catarino

Suhita Shirodkar - Ericeira
Praia do Sul, Ericeira © Suhita Shirodkar

The waves of this west coast are keenly sought after by surfers and bodyboarders from all over the world, with special emphasis on the well-known Supertubos beach, due to its huge tubular waves. Along with Praia do Lagido, it hosts the great surfing world championship Rip Curl Pro Portugal, a competition that is part of the World Surf League Tour.

João Catarino - Praia do Baleal, Peniche
Praia do Baleal, Peniche © João Catarino

João Catarino - Praia Supertubos, Peniche
Praia Supertubos, Peniche © João Catarino

Suhita Shirodkar - Peniche
Peniche © Suhita Shirodkar

The sand of Nazaré’s beach, which is also the town’s seafront, is known for its length and for being one of the places where traditional fishing crafts are still practised. It recently gained international profile with the Nazaré Canyon, a geological phenomenon just offshore that causes huge waves to form. It was where Garrett McNamara beat the record for giant waves by surfing a 30-metre wave, that so many surfers try to surpass, every year.

Suhita Shirodkar - Nazaré
Nazaré © Suhita Shirodkar

Suhita Shirodkar - Nazaré
Nazaré © Suhita Shirodkar

João Catarino - Nazaré
Nazaré © João Catarino

Along the Alentejo Coast
The Alentejo coastline is fascinating because it is a protected area, with small sunny beach paradises, friendly people and good food and drink, plus a wide range of beaches with first rate surfing conditions. It is therefore much appreciated for active holidays. 

João Catarino - Alcácer do Sal
Alcácer do Sal © João Catarino

Suhita Shirodkar - Alcácer do Sal
Alcácer do Sal © Suhita Shirodkar

João Catarino - Praia do Carvalhal
Praia do Carvalhal, Windmills © João Catarino

Suhita Shirodkar - Praia de São Torpes
Praia de São Torpes, Sines © Suhita Shirodkar

Suhita Shirodkar - Vila Nova de Milfontes
Vila Nova de Milfontes © Suhita Shirodkar

Praia da Costa de Caparica
Suhita Shirodkar - Praia da Costa de Caparica
© Suhita Shirodkar

João Catarino - Costa da Caparica
© João Catarino

In the end there was still time to visit the city. 

Suhita Shirodkar - Lisboa
© Suhita Shirodkar 

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