Journey to Portugal Revisited

Viagem a Portugal Revisited

Based on the book "Journey to Portugal" written by Saramago, the places described by Saramago, the landscapes, the communities, the natural and cultural heritage were revisited.

Throughout twelve itineraries, the writer José Luís Peixoto took on the role of host for five international authors: Adriana Lisboa (Brazil), Ondjaki (Angola), Maaza Mengiste (USA), Laura Restrepo (Spain) and Leila Slimani (France). Together, they reinterpreted the scripts, forty years later, creating original texts about the places, to showcase Portuguese literary landscapes.

"It is necessary to see what has not been seen, to see again what has already been seen, to see in spring what was seen in summer, to see by day what was seen at night... It is necessary to return to the steps that have been taken, to repeat them, and to trace out new paths".

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The Journey to Portugal Revisited couldn’t miss the place where Portugal was born. The writers Rafael Gallo and José Luís Peixoto explored the valuable architectural heritage and unique atmosphere of Guimarães, which is, still today, one of the cities in the North of the country with the most history and experiences to tell.

Vila Real
The Journey crossed majestic mountains and lush valleys before getting to Vila Real. Writers Arthur Larrue and José Luís Peixoto passed by the unique charm of the Historical Centre, of the Archaeological Numismatic Museum, without forgetting the wonders of nature at Lamas de Olo and the delicious conventual confectionery.

Did you know that in Bragança there is a community village called Rio de Onor? And that the Portuguese and Spanish share agricultural tasks and speak their own dialect, Rionorês? Travel to Bragança and rediscover the customs and traditions of this border town through the contemporary eyes of José Luís Peixoto.

Guarda, Pinhel and Cidadelhe
What if, right now, you could admire the iconic Cidadelhe pallium, embroidered in gold and silk? Or step on the glass floor of the renovated Faia Viewpoint (Miradouro da Faia)? Or travel up to the towers of the Guarda Cathedral (Catedral da Guarda)? Discover the region's natural treasures, culture and heritage on this Journey to Portugal, inspired by Saramago's book and reinterpreted by José Luís Peixoto. 

Tomar and Constância
Take a trip to the Templar city of Tomar and go a little further afield, to Vila Nova da Barquinha, to admire Almourol Castle (Castelo de Almourol), and to the poetic village of Constância. In this Journey to Portugal Revisited, José Luís Peixoto passes through the places mentioned by Nobel Prize winner José Saramago and travels along other paths in the country.

With José Luís Peixoto and Laura Restrepo, the Journey to Portugal Revisited passed through the town of Mafra to visit the Real Edifício, listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and get to know the varied fauna and flora of the Jardim do Cerco and Tapada Nacional de Mafra. There was also time for a stop in Ericeira, once also visited by José Saramago, to contemplate this World Surfing Reserve and its waves.

Between green earth and blue ocean: this is how the story of Setúbal is told, the birthplace of memorable cultural figures like Bocage and Luís Todi. Considering the wealth of the Arrábida Natural Park and the Sado Estuary, the inviting beaches and the historical and cultural offering, the city was an obligatory stop on Saramago's work and journey.

Évora and Montemor-o-Novo
Are you ready to visit the oldest Public Library in the country and stand among books printed in the early days of the printing press with movable type?
Follow this journey and feel the magnetism of the Almendres Cromlech (Cromeleque dos Almendres), a unique megalithic monument. Follow the mesmerising whistle of the African writer Ondjaki echoing in the imposing Chapel of Our Lady of Visitation (Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Visitação) in Montemor-o-Novo.
It is time to learn more about the Alentejo landscape, once again accompanied by the writer José Luís Peixoto.

The Journey to Portugal Revisited continues through the "great and burning land of Alentejo", this time with an obligatory stop in Beja. In the Pax Julia of the Romans, we currently find the first Public Library to take the name of the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, José Saramago, works of art in the city streets and many archaeological remains. The writer José Luís Peixoto returns with his contemporary look at the nature, culture and heritage of this region, previously visited by Saramago.

Alcoutim is a riverside community, with a fresh and aromatic gastronomy and a fishing tradition that takes advantage of the best that nature has to offer. Devoted to the Guadiana river, this Algarve town is steeped in the history of its waters (from the river beach to the boat crossing to Spain) and its people, who preserve both the tangible and intangible heritage of the region.

An ancient city that witnessed the departure of the sailor Gil Eanes towards Cape Bojador, in the 15th century, Lagos tells its story around the sea: from the vast coastal area to the fresh food, such as fish and shellfish. In the streets of the historic centre be surprised by urban art and by the carved stonework on the doors and windows. Visit the new creative hubs that emerge in one of the most appreciated areas of the Algarve.








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