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Health and Well-being

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Photo:Turismo da Madeira
Thalassotherapy, the good done by sea water

It’s no coincidence that we feel good when we’re by the sea.

Photo:Termas do Gerês
Spas in Porto and Northern Portugal

The Porto and Northern Regions are particularly rich in Spas, with waters gushing from the earth sometimes at high temperatures and with well-known therapeutic effects.In some cases, their benefits have been known since Antiquity,

Thermal Baths/Spa
Photo:Turismo Centro de Portugal
Thermal Baths in Centro de Portugal

There’s nothing better for a breather and an escape from routine than a stay at a thermal baths.

Photo:Turismo de Portugal
Health and Well-being in Madeira

Discover an environment of perfect harmony between nature and man where the maxim “a sound mind in a healthy body” makes perfect sense.Madeira is much more than an island; it is a mystical place, one for discovering nature and one

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Kat Piwecka
Kat Piwecka Photography www.katpiwecka.pl www.travelphotographer.pl
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Holy Week Festivals
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