Arouca Geopark

Geoparque de Arouca
Arouca Geopark

Protected Areas

The Arouca Geopark is a classified area by the European and Global Geoparks Networks, under the auspices of UNESCO since 2009, with 328km2. It is located in northern Portugal about 50 km far away from Oporto and Aveiro cities.

This is an unique geotouristic destination renowned due to its exceptional geological heritage of international relevance, with 41 geosites (the Giant Trilobites of Canelas and the Castanheira's "stones that give birth" are the most emblematic ones), and its national archaeological, historical, cultural and mining relevant legacy, offering singular experiences for visitors.

This mountainous region is famous for activities of nature tourism, especially for adventure sports such as rafting, canoeing, canyoning, rock climbing and the network of walking trails. It allows visitors to discover the majority of the geosites, to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, to meet people and to experience local traditions. Visitors can also taste the famous local gastronomy, based on the indigenous cattle breed and the conventual sweets with traditions, dating back to the foundation of the Arouca Monastery in the 10th century.


AGA – Associação Geoparque Arouca
Rua Alfredo Vaz Pinto - 4540-118 Arouca
Tel.: +351 256 940 254

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Park area
: 328 km2
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