Madeira Wine

Place: Madeira
Photo: Turismo da Madeira
Photo: Turismo da Madeira

A Wine bearing the name of an Island and an Island bearing the name of a Wine

Acknowledged all over the world as a tourist destination par excellence, the Island of Madeira also owes its celebrity to the wine bearing its name, which has earned fame and prestige in the most varied parts of the globe.

Appreciated across the world, this “nectar” is one of the Island of Madeira’s key features. Chosen to celebrate the Independence of the U.S.A. in 1776, praised by Shakespeare, cherished by kings, princes, generals and explorers, Madeira Wine is undoubtedly a genuine treasure.

Among the grape varieties authorised for Madeira Wine the most traditional are Sercial, Boal, Verdelho, and Malvasia. Among the dry varieties, Sercial stands out, ideal as an aperitif, light, very perfumed and light coloured. Verdelho - slightly dry, delicate, very perfumed, and golden coloured - is the most suitable to accompany meals. Medium sweet, soft, noble, velvety, and dark golden coloured, Boal is the most recommended for baked dishes and desserts. Few people resist Malvasia between meals or for dessert. It represents the sweet wine, full of intense perfume and red colour.

The vineyard landscape, deeply entrenched on the Island, sports a colour palette which shifts throughout the year, from different shades of green to russets. The construction of the terraces, supported by stone walls, evokes staircases which, in some parts of the Island, extend from the sea to the mountain, resembling small gardens built into the landscape.

Grape harvesting takes place in September, and is open to all. This is when the Madeira Wine Festival is held, a tribute to this century-old product of worldwide fame.

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