Wine pairs with Portugal

Wise men always say that some things just don’t go together. What if we look at them with different eyes? The eyes of curiosity, ingenuity... The eyes that penetrate deep into things. 

Be inspired by our suggestions, plan for the amazing days ahead, and choose a Portuguese wine to accompany you on this journey of discovery.

Wine pairs with adventure
Do you ever gaze at the shape of a wave? And at the shape of a grape? They are both waiting for us to shape them into something we love. Through the eyes of curiosity, wine pairs with adventure.

After a day surfing at the beach, after hiking or cycling a nature trail, there’s always time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine in good company. And who knows? You might feel tempted to join in the vine harvest. 

Wine pairs with art
Who would guess a painting and wine cellar would pair?  Forms and lines decanted by the hands and souls of their masters. If you look at things differently, you’ll see that wine pairs with art.

In the world’s oldest demarcated wine region along the Douro River you will also find stone paintings at Foz Côa, a veritable open-air museum. This is just one example of what you can find in each winemaking region, where man’s creations reflect a centuries-old culture. Whether in the Douro, Dão, Távora-Varosa or Alentejo regions, wine-tasting is enjoyed at prime locations, in wine cellars designed by internationally renowned architects. Taste a fine wine and be surprised by contemporary works of art in harmony with the masters’ savoir-faire. 

Wine pairs with music
Have you ever tried to decompose a bottle of wine… or a great band? It’s a combination of layers, notes and varieties that form a perfect melody. A melody that pops up to be tasted in the first drop. And we listen. A closer look reveals how wine pairs with music.

To help you discover urban landscapes that are transformed by the inspiration of street artists, be transported by different rhythms at open-air concerts, or be touched by heartfelt musical expressions like cante alentejano and fado, there’s a perfect wine for every occasion.


Wine pairs with wellness
What do a dive in the water and the first sip of wine have in common? It’s all about temperature and harmony. Allow your gaze to reveal how wine pairs with wellness.

Vineyards and cellars set in inspiring landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see will draw you into moments of reflection and contemplation. Portugal offers the perfect scenery to find your balance once again.

Wine pairs with discovery
Have you ever combined textures, smells and emotions? It’s like a complex recipe full of mystery. It’s all about chemistry and taking it easy. Look closely and notice how wine pairs with discovery.

Feel special; enjoy the healthy Portuguese habit of spending time together at the table, discovering the talents of chefs and gourmet cuisine. Portuguese winemakers are masters of hospitality and will guide you through gastronomic experiences you won’t quickly forget.

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