Street Art in Portugal

Bordalo II
Place: Covilhã
Photo: Wool / Bordalo II
Photo: Wool / Bordalo II

Fleeting, irreverent and unexpected. Street art surprises visitors to Portugal. We are often surprised by drawings on the streets, on billboards, on façades and large walls. These are true open-air galleries, where prominent artists from around the world try to give life and colour to hidden-away places, with various techniques and messages, giving each place its own story.

Street art is already an attraction for people visiting the city, with international recognition for the quality of the works you will come across. Several Portuguese artists already made a name for themselves around the world:

-The work of Bordalo II in Covilhã and Ella & Pitr, in Abrantes, were highlighted by Street Art News in their list of the 25 most popular urban works of art. 

Odeith, with his street painting in Setúbal, was included in a special about the best of these works by the movement I Support Street Art

Vhils was mentioned by Forbes magazine in its list of under-30s success stories, in the Art & Style category. More recently, he was invited by U2 to produce the video for one of the songs on their last album, Raised by Wolves. The video was recorded in the former Lisnave shipyards in Cacilhas. 

Although born out of an attitude of transgression and illegality, this artistic expression has sparked the interest of public and private bodies. Many domestic and foreign artists have been invited by local authorities and cultural associations to produce work in public spaces and derelict buildings, giving them a new image and as well as attracting the attention of passers-by. 

The work that can be seen in LisbonPorto and Coimbra includes pieces by CostahOs GêmeosC215Miguel Januário, Hugo Makarov, Mário Belém, Nuno Saraiva, Pedro Soares Neves, UAT, Vanessa TeodoroAdd Fuel e Gonçalo MAR, to be found in easily-accessible places and included on the tourist circuit.

There's a whole world of art to be discovered in Portugal. On your next visit, don't forget to look around you, even on the ground beneath your feet. Record what you find and share it with us.

Street Art Events
Several street art events have contributed to city cultural agendas, especially during the summer months.

It's a good time to experience cities at their most relaxed, surprise yourself with true works of art and, who knows, get involved and leave your mark in history.

Umbrella Sky Project

Not to be missed:

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√ Walk & Talk, Festival de Arte Pública, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel – Walktalkazores.org

√ Festival de Arte Urbana Wool, Covilhã - www.woolfest.org

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