It's time to be

After more than a year of dreaming and saving the desire to leave home and travel, we finally arrived at a positive moment. And that means that everyone's effort was worth it.

It’s time to surf
Start by discovering the sun and the sea, enjoying the outdoors and doing exercise. You are invited do take a tour along the atlantic coast and choose one of the many excellent beaches that Portugal has to offer. It won't be easy to choose... this year, 372 beaches have a Blue Flag!

And for exercise, go for a walk, go diving, surfing or body boarding. Relax and take sunbaths. The important thing is to feel the sea! Let yourself be inspired by the wide horizon and the blue sky. It's time to move forward, with confidence. It's time to be!

It's time to taste
From north to south, discover the country through its flavours, food and wine. The freshest fish on the Atlantic coast; the sausages, cheeses and delicious meat dishes in the countryside; the Mediterranean diet, simple and refined at the same time, in which bread, olive oil and aromatic herbs have an important place at the table.

Enjoy your meals without rushing and make a toast to the best in life. Being Portuguese is also enjoying being with friends, at the table, in a conversation that goes on forever. It is time to live and to taste. It is time to be! 


It's time to walk
Explore the nature trails, either in a few hours or in stages, walk along the riverside walkways, stopping to cool off on the river beaches, or the old paths between villages that are still used by those who live there. Or follow the fishermen's route, always looking out to sea, along the Atlantic coast. A walk in nature is always invigorating and a good way to relieve tension and recover your balance.

Forget the compass and GPS, discover the nature parks and let yourself go with the pleasure of walking and simply observing what you find along the way. It's time to get moving and get out of the house, feel the breeze, the fresh air. It's time to be! 


It's Time to reach
It's so nice to return to the small towns and villages of the inland territory, to feel the time again! Visit the stone villages and towns with castles that protected the borders for centuries. Take the opportunity to learn about the arts and crafts of these places and discover the traditional flavours of food made with the products of the land and with great care.

Take an itinerary on back roads, to enjoy the landscape and travelling at your own pace. Discover the secrets of Portuguese culture, architecture, the masters who knew how valuable time was in perfecting the art of know-how. Arrive at places with the curiosity of a stranger and leave as a friend. It's time to recover time, to reach, to make history. It’s time to be!




It´s time to inspire
Explore the places you already know in a different way and rediscover what really means something to you. Wander the old quarters of cities, like Lisbon or Porto, climb to the highest point to get the best view and go down to the river to feel the breeze at the end of the afternoon, when the sun sets towards the Atlantic sea.

Discover how urban art gives life to old buildings, be dazzled by the great and small treasures to be found in museums or simply enjoy the freshness of the gardens on warm days. It's time to live the city day and night, to go back to attending shows and concerts. It's time to plan new adventures. It's time to get inspired! 


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